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The Grub Steak Restaurant
makes the LED Switch


As the owner of The Grub Steak Restaurant, Park City’s Western Steak House since 1976, I have been following the global climate change and warming trends with increasing concern.


Restaurant businesses typically are high energy consumers given the many appliances such as stoves, heater/air-conditioning units, exhaust hoods, etc. required for the business. I have been changing out all of our outdated HVAC units over the past couple of years, which was not an inexpensive undertaking.

When I became aware of the availability of reasonably priced LED light bulbs, I did some research and concluded that the investment of approximately $ 2,000.00 required to change the light bulbs in our sizeable restaurant (225seats) was a “no brainer”.

I had all of our ceiling light changed to the new type of LED bulbs this spring and have already realized some savings over the past couple of months: Less labor cost to change light bulbs (the new bulbs are supposed to last many years compared to the old style ones which had to be changed quite frequently), cooler dining rooms in summer time due to the fact that the LED bulbs generate substantially less heat resulting in less use of air conditioning and a reduction in electricity used.

As a consequence I have also changed over to LED light bulbs in the common areas of my office building as well as in our residence. Whether it is in home or a business, changing over to LED type light bulbs is something just about all of us can afford to do and a small step to help protect the environment.

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