Grub Steak Restaurant of Park City – Cash Bar Beverage Prices


Cash Bar Beverage Prices

Soft Drinks                                                              $3.50

Fruit Juices                                                             $4.00


Bottled Beer

Domestic                                                                  $5.00

Imported or Microbrewery                                    $6.00


House Wines

Columbia Crest Two Vines Chardonnay            $6.25 per glass

Salmon Creek Cabernet                                        $6.25 per glass



Wine Service Fee                                           $12.00 per 750 ml bottle
                                                                              $20.00 per 1500 ml bottle




Titos                                                                         $7.25


New Amsterdam                                                   $ 6.75


Bacardi Silver                                                         $7.25


Jack Daniels                                                                     $6.75

High West Double Rye ( made locally in Park City)   $8.75

Seagram’s 7                                                                      $6.25


We offer an extensive selection of wine by the bottle, liquor, domestic and imported beers.
Please consult our Banquet Coordinator for details.
Bartender Charge $25.00 per hour (2 hour minimum), per bartender.

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